Diamond Minis

KLX110 Frame Cradle V2

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The Diamond Minis V2 Frame cradle is essential for your Klx 110 if you are an adult. It’s lighter and a better fit than the V1. The V2 cradle mounts to the back of the frame and takes away the weight thats applied to the foot peg mount. This not only gives the bike more strength but saves you ripping the pegs out the bottom of your engine casings. This Product comes with 4 bolts for the pegs and 2 bolts to mount to the frame. Over ten years of producing and manufacturing this product. 

  • CAD Drawn
  • Precision laser cut
  • CNC machined shoulder fitment spacers
  • fully hand Tig welded in jigs   
  • 12.9 Zinc coated hard ware 
  • Proudly made in the UK