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Elka HD Super Stock Shock Spring

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Super stock HD shock spring 

We are now able to sell you HD springs for your Elka shock that have been tried and tested by us.
A arm fitment Elkas only. 

Springs rates Currently available 

300 LB (stock swingarm ) 

325 LB  (stock swingarm )

350 LB ( stock swingarm/ +2 inch swingarm)

375 LB  ( +2 Inch swingarm )

400 LB ( +2 inch swingarm aggressive ) 

 •• Standard Elka A arm spring 225lb ••


fitment. • Bring the locking ring down to zero preload. (Locking ring just touching the spring) From there onwards we recommend between 5-8 turns Max for correct spring preload.

  • These are ONLY for ELKA super stock shock. Buying these for any other make shock or length shock can result in damage broken Components.
  • Does NOT fit any stock KLX / CRF Shocks. Please do not buy this spring thinking it’s going to work for them.