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CRF125 2014-18 Diamondminis Case Saver

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Diamondminis crf125F all in one sprocket guard.

CRF125 2014-2018

We have developed this brand new product of the back of damaging our own test bike leading to needing new shift shaft then crank case from throwing a chain off - devastating.  

 This products packs a small punch with offering shift shaft pass through support, fully inbuilt crank case saver creating as much protection as possible from either chain throws or debris, along with great looks and durability to a tough life.


Notes on our item . 

You MUST re use your Steel OEM crank case guard from your OEM sprocket guard. Simply pick it off and re use it.

Black stainless hardware included

Important. This product is a precision fit for the shift shaft. If you have occurred damaged to this area already. Please expect clearance issues.

Available RED or BLACK

Proudly made in the uk