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CRF110 REAR Disc Adaptor kit

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 A brand new kit from us at Diamond Minis, creating this kit we have kept in mind of both usage on the Stock OEM swinger or the after market BBR swinger and we have made it work! Making this ‘UNIVERSAL’ to any swingarm wished to be used. 

  • Main brake hanger bolts on to the stock OEM KX65 brake carrier.
  • KX65 master Cylinder bolts on to the clutch cover. 
  • KX65 master cylinder RES pot bolts on to the frame Earth. 
  • All hard ware included also extended RES pot pipe line 

We have worked with the common well known parts from the rear of a KX65 making donor parts easy to find and use. This kit utilises -

  • KX65 rear wheel 
  • kx65 rear calliper 
  • kx65 master cylinder 
  • kx65 master cylinder remote res pot